Lunch / Dinner

We want to thank our customers for choosing Havana Cafe! We are the right place to come for your mid-day and dinner meal.  So relax and enjoy THE REAL CUBAN TASTE!

This week’s special:

Ajiaco Oriental ( On weekends only)

Hearthy stew of meats, vegetables and african roots

All time favorite cuban's favorite

Our Lunch Menu:

** All our entrees are served with a choice of two sides (not sandwich)

     Side orders: Tostones, maduros, black beans, salad, arroz moro and Yuca con mojo

Ropa Vieja

Shreddered flank steak simmered in special Havana's criollo sauce

Lechon Asado

Marinaded pork leg with house made cuban mojo

Famous Cuban Sandwich

Our Signature ! Delicious roast pork leg, swiss cheese and serrano ham

Bistec Encebollao

Thin cut sirloin steak, pan seared with caramelized yellow onions and mojo

Picadillo a la criolla

Minced ground beef cooked in sofrito sauce

Camarones al ajo

Shrimp cooked on cuban garlic sauce

 ** Download our food menu below.

(Our food Menu is coming soon. (PDF))

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