CROQUETAS - Home made ham or cod fish croquettes (2) $3.00


PAPA RELLENA - Cuban picadillo stuffed potatoes. (2) $4.50         


YUCCA FRITA - Fried cassava with mojo sauce $6


TOUR OF CUBA - Combination: croquette, yucca, pork, tostones and tamale $13


CUBAN TAMALE - Yellow corn with seasoned pork $4.50


BOLITAS DE BACALAO - fried cod fish bites topped with cilantro-garloc sauce  $5


TOSTONES RELLENOS SHRIMP - Plantain cups filled with shrimp $9.00


TOSTONES RELLENOS ROPA VIEJA - Plantain cups filled with ropa vieja $7


CUBAN EMPANDAS - Crispy turnovers filled with cuban picadillo $6.50


EMPANDAS DE QUESO - Crispy turnovers filled with cheese $5


MIX CEVICHE - Fish and shrimp simmered in citrus juice, cilantro and sweet bell peppers. comes with plantain chips and cassava  $10


MARIQUITAS - Plantains chips with mojo sauce $4.00


TRIO CUBANO - 1._Papa rellena 2._ Chesse empanada 3._ Plantain cup filled with ropa vieja $6.50


Felices los 4 - Half of tamal, sweet plantains, cheese empanada and one papa rellena $8.00





FAMOUS CUBAN - Criollo ham pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles $9


MEDIA NOCHE - Egg bread, ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles $9.5


PAN CON BISTEC - Sirlon steak with grilled onions on cuban bread, lettuce and tomatoes $10.50


PAN CON CROQUETA - Cuban croquettes, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard $9.00


HAVANA CAFE SANDWICH - Same as cuban, with genoa salami and mojo $9.5


ROPA VIEJA- SANDWICH - Shredded brisket with sofrito, fresh tomatoes and lettuce $10


CHICKEN SANDWICH - Grilled chicken breast on cuban bread, onions, lettuce and tomatoes $8.50


ROAST PORK SANDWICH - Roast seasoned pork with fresh tomatoes, mojo sauce, onions and lettuce $8.50





HAVANA CAFE BISTEC - Grilled sirlon steak cooked with our signature Havana's mojo sauce and onions $13.00


BISTEC SALTEADO - Pieces of sirloir steak sauteed with green, red bell peppers, onions, garlic and complete seasoned    $13.5


BISTEC ENCEBOLLA'O - Top sirlon steak sauteed with cuban complete seasoning, onions and garlic $13


ROPA VIEJA - Shredded brisket cooked with sofrito sauce $14.50


VACA FRITA - Shredded brisket sauced with onions, garlic and lime $14.50


PICADILLO CRIOLLO - Lean ground beef cooked with sofrito sauce, raisins and green olives $13


CUBAN CHURRASCO - BEST OF ALL MEAT! Grilled inside skirt steak with cuban herbs, onions and cilantro-garlic sauce  $15.5


MAR Y TIERRA - A combination of grilled sirloin steak, shrimp and roast pork topped with garlic sauce and cilantro-garlic sauce  $17





ARROZ CON POLLO - Chicken casserole with roasted bell peppers, sweet peas and yellow rice $14


PECHUGA HAVANA CAFE - Grilled chicken breast cooked with wine topped with tomatoes, capers, onions and garlic$13.50


PECHUGA A LA PLANCHA - Chicken breast grilled to perfection with onions and mojo sauce $13


PECHUGA SALTEADA - Cuban style chicken breast saute with garlic, onions, green and red bell peppers  $13


GIBARA MIA - Grilled chicken breast topped with grilled shrimps.  cilantro garlic sauce on top    $ 15


PECHUGA TROPICAL - Grilled chicken breast, topped with cilantro, garlic, onions and pineapple slices $13.50


CREAMY GARLIC CHICKEN- Grilled chicken breast smootherred in a home made garlic serrano pepper and lemon sauce  $14


CHICKEN FRICASSEE - Braised chicken with potatoes, tomatoes, garlic, onions and grenn olives    $14.50


ARROZ IMPERIAL - A combination of yellow rice, ham, chicken and mayo $14


POLLO FRITO CRIOLLO - Chicken leg quarter with mojo, and caramelized onions, fried to perfection $13


GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD - Grilled chicken breast over a lettuce, tomatoes and onions bed, with green olives and house dressing $10.00








HAVANA CAFE GRILLED FISH - Grilled withe fish topped with tomatoes, capers, withe wine, garlic and onions $14.50


CAMARONES AL AJILLO - Medium shrimp cooked with garlic, lime and olive oil     $14.00


CAMARONES ENCHILADOS - Medium shrimp sauteed with saffron sofrito pepper sauce.  $14.00


HAVANA SEAFOOD PAELLA - A mix of saffron rice and fresh seafood $15.50   


PAELLA VALENCIANA - Same as havana paella, add chicken and chorizo   $17


FILETE DE PESCADO A LA PLANCHA - Grilled fish marinated with cuban spices and caramelized onions $14.50


CAMARONES SALTEADOS - Sauteed shrimp with green and red bell peppers, onions and garlic    $14


CUBAN JAMBALAYA- A combination of shrimp, chicken breast and sausage and yellow rice cooked on our creole sauce and white wine $15.50


COCONUT FISH - White fish fillet simmered in a creamy coconut sauce.  Saute onions and bell peppers.  $15


VARADERO BEACH - Grilled fish and shrimp topped with cilantro-garlic sauce  $15





CERDO ASADO - Tenders pieces of pork slow cooked with mojo sauce and onions $13.5


MASA DE CERDO - Crispy pork shoulder shanks, cooked to golden - brown with onions and mojo $14


ARROZ CON PUERCO - Yellow rice cooked with pork chuncks, white wine, capers, tomatoes and cuban spices $14


FRICASSEE DE PUERCO - Braised pork butt and potatoes, bell peppers, wine, garlic and green olives  $14






YUCCA CON MOJO - Cassava with home made garlic sauce and lime $6.00


FRIED PLANTAINS - Green or sweet $3.00




CONGRI RICE - Rice and beans cooked together with cuban spices $3.00


SMALL PLAN SALAD - Lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions and green pepper $4.00








MIXED VEGETABLES - Steamed market veggies $4







MINI CUBAN SANDWICH - With fries $4.00


CHICKEN TENDERS - With fries $4.00.


MACARRONI & CHEESE with fries  $4.00


KID'S PLATE - Small grilled chicken breast with rice and beans  $6





CUBAN FLAN - Cuban style caramel custard $3.75


Bread Pudding - Bread pudding with white chocolate rum sauce $4.00


Cuban Tres Leches - Light tres leches cake $4.00


Cuban Rum Cake - Light rum cake $4.00


Chocolate-Coconut Cake - Light chocolate and coconut cake $4.00






TROPICAL SODAS ( materva, iron beer, jupina)  $2.50


TROPICAL JUICES  ( mango, guava, soursop, tamarind, passion fruit)  $3.50


CUBAN SHAKES ( mango. guava. guanabana. passion fruit ) $ 4


ICE TEA $2.25


MALTA $2.75


Business Hours

Monday - Saturday

11:00 am to 9:00pm



11 to 8 Pm


Familia Velez

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