HAVANA CAFE GRILLED FISH - Grilled withe fish topped with tomatoes, capers, withe wine, garlic and onions $14.50


CAMARONES AL AJILLO - Medium shrimp cooked with garlic, lime and olive oil $13.00


CAMARONES ENCHILADOS - Medium shrimp sauteed with saffron sofrito pepper sauce$14.00


HAVANA SEAFOOD PAELLA - A mix of saffron rice and fresh seafood $15


PAELLA VALENCIANA - Same as seafood paella - add chicken breast and chorizo $17


FILETE DE PESCADO A LA PLANCHA - Grilled fish marinated with cuban spices and caramelized onions $14.50


COCONUT FISH - Grilled white fish simmered in a creamy seasoned coconut milk $15


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