FAMOUS CUBAN - Criollo ham pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles $8.50. 


MEDIA NOCHE - Egg bread, ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, dill pickles $8.75.


PAN CON BISTEC - Sirlon steak with grilled onions on cuban bread, lettuce and tomatoes $9.00.


PAN CON CROQUETA - Cuban croquettes, ham, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard 9.00.


HAVANA CAFE SANDWICH - Same as cuban, with genoa salami and mojo $8.50.


ROPA VIEJA- SANDWICH - Shredded brisket with sofrito, fresh tomatoes and lettuce $9.00.


CHICKEN SANDWICH - Grilled chicken breast on cuban bread, onions, lettuce and tomatoes $8.50. 


ROAST PORK SANDWICH - Roast seasoned pork with fresh tomatoes, mojo sauce, onions and lettuce $8.50.


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11 to 8 Pm


Familia Velez

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