HAVANA CAFE BISTEC - Grilled sirlon steak cooked with our signature Havana's mojo sauce and onions $13.00


BISTEC ENCEBOLLA'O - Top sirlon steak sauteed with onions $12.50


MAR Y TIERRA -  A combination of grilled sirloin steak, shrimp and roast pork topped with garlic- cilantro sauce $17


ROPA VIEJA - Shredded brisket cooked with sofrito sauce $14.50


BISTED SALTEADO - Sirloin steak sauted with garlic, cuban herbs, onions and bell peppers $13.5


VACA FRITA - Shredded brisket sauced with onions, garlic and lime $14.00


PICADILLO CRIOLLO - Lean ground beef cooked with sofrito sauce, raisins and green olives $12.50


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