HAVANA CAFE CHICKEN - Chicken casserole with roasted bell peppers, sweet peas and yellow rice $13.50


PECHUGA HAVANA CAFE - Grilled chicken breast cooked with wine topped with tomatoes, capers, onions and garlic$13.00


PECHUGA A LA PLANCHA - Chicken breast grilled to perfection with onions and mojo sauce $12.50


THE QUEEN - Grilled chicken breast topped with wine's mushroom sauce $13.50


PECHUGA TROPICAL - Grilled chicken breast, topped with cilantro, garlic, onions and pineapple slices $13.00


ARROZ IMPERIAL - Acombination of yellow rice, ham, chicken and mayo $13.00


POLLO FRITO CRIOLLO - Chicken leg quarter with mojo, and caramelized onions, fried to perfection $11.00


GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD - Grilled chicken breast over a lettuce, tomatoes and onions bed, with green olives and house dressing $10.00


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